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Audrey Dao


Audrey Dao is a Bay Area native and currently a student at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Nutritional Sciences. After auditioning for the orchestral program at Berkeley, the music department offered her a scholarship to further her musical studies. For now, she has decided to pursue a minor in music but will keep open the possibility of making music her second major. 


During her high school years, she played in the California All State Symphony Orchestra(CASMEC), Oakland Youth Orchestra, Golden State Youth Orchestra, and the Peninsula Youth Orchestra. 


Audrey was invited to Carnegie Hall as a soloist. She has won many competitions, most notably

American Protege Piano and Strings, BAMA - Violin Solo and Young Prodigy divisions, and Manhattan International Music Competiiton. 

She is also well versed in chamber music repertoire having participated in various summer programs.

Audrey has worked for James as a practice teacher to his students. She's also taught for Melody Connects, a nonprofit group that provides lessons to students of Title I schools from around the country. She has experience preparing students for exams and auditions.  

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